Icom 7610 RX Antenna Usage, Dualwatch and Tracking

This article and video shows how to use the Icom 7610 RX antenna selection, Dualwatch and Tracking. You'll need to connect a receiving (RX) antenna to the Icom 7610. In the video, three ways are shown to use a receiving antenna. Please see the video below.

Selecting the Icom 7610 Antenna Type & Switching

First we want to turn the receive antenna connector ON. (Page 76 & 77, Icom 7610 Advanced Manual)

Go to MENU>ANTENNA>TYPE.There are two choices and we want to "Connect Receive Antenna." We can use the RX BNC connector on the rear of the IC-7610 as a receive antenna connection.

I use my Antenna Switching set to Manual. Touch [ANT] SW until you see "Manual." You could choose "Auto" (see description below).


While in the Dualwatch operation, and when different antennas are set to the Main and Sub bands, using this function enables you to hear which antenna has better reception. (Page 10, Icom 7610 Advanced Manual).

Interesting note about Dualwatch: In the IC-7600, the same receiver circuits are used in both the Main and Sub bands, except the mixer circuit. Therefore, DUALWATCH operation has some limitations in the same band and mode. However, the IC-7610 enables DUALWATCH operation in different bands and modes, because completely independent and identical performance receiver circuits are employed.

Diversity Reception

Next on Ham Radio with K0PIR: There is a method for separately routing the recovered audio from the receiver connected to the vertically polarized antenna and the receiver connected to the horizontally polarized antenna to the left and right channel of the headphones at the same time. This method is called diversity reception.


In the video three ways are shown to use a receiving antenna. One way is using the main receiver only and tapping the antenna soft button for one second to switch back-and-forth between the main antenna and receiving antenna. Another way is to use Dualwatch and listen to both antennas simultaneously, and the third way is to use Dualwatch with tracking.

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Icom 7610 Manuals

Icom 7610 Technical Report Volume 3 (This discusses diversity reception)

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4 years ago

Hello, Richi,
when I saw this article, I wanted the PDF version
download. I got an error message.

I have no explanation for this message.
Many thanks for the many articles about IC-7610.

73 de Jakob DK6SV

3 years ago

One question, help me
For 80mB FT-8 QSO,
Korea is not permit TX 3.573MHz
My 7610 set the Main VFO 3.547MHz, TX
and Sub VFO 3.573 RX and press the “Dual watch”
I can hear both side by Speaker, But wsjt decode only Main VFO freq.
How can I see the both frequency?

2 years ago


I wish I had watched your video and read the information here a year ago!
Wow, I just set my Ultimax End Fed 80-10 as my receive antenna on my IC-7610.
I use it primarily in tandem with my Mosley Mini 33A yagi on ANT 1 in Dual Watch. With tracking engaged it is awesome!
Perfect when I am on an HF net on 20 meters. Expect the same on 15 and 10 meters.
Thanks so much for sharing!
Happy New Year my friend!


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