Using Fldigi to transmit RTTY FSK with the WinKeyer USB

You can now use Fldigi to transmit RTTY FSK with the WinKeyer USB. The WinKeyer USB v3.1 will send RTTY FSK. One benefit of using the WK3 USB is that in Fldigi it will send real CW and RTTY FSK. My last article showed how the ACC cables were made for the Icom 7300 and Icom 7610. This article will show how to configure Fldigi to send RTTY FSK and log the contacts into N3FJPs ACLog. There’s a video below.


Connect your home made accessory cable to the rear of the Winkeyer USB and then to your ICOM radio. I connected mine to port 1  on the WinKeyer USB. More on that here.

ACLog Configuration

In ACLog go to settings TCP/IP and enable UDP on port 1100.

WinKeyer USB Configuration – Users

I setup my WK3 with two users, one for CW and one for RTTY. Use WK3 Tools 5.2 to accomplish this.

After configuring users, hold down the “Red” button on the WK3 until you hear “dit-dah-dit”, then with your paddle or key, switch to the RTTY user by entering the command “X” for extended command mode and then “U” to change user. My first user is for RTTY so when I hear one dit after entering “U” I know I am ready for RTTY. Two dits would indicate user two is ready.

Note: Before you change the WK3 users using the paddle you will need to disconnect from the WK3 in the software.

Fldigi Configuration with WinKeyer USB

You can find lots of information in the WKUSB Manual with 3.1 updates. 

First set up the TTY modem in Fldigi so Fldigi can talk to the WinKeyer USB. You’ll need to know what comport your WK3 is on.

Next go to logging and contesting and set up Fldigi log to communicate with ACLog.

NOTE: I lost PTT for a while in Fldigi and discovered that disconnecting Fldigi from N3FJP Log and reconnecting solved the problem.


In the video below I am using the USB cable for rig control in ACLog. The baud rate is 115200. Fldigi syncs the VFO with ACLog.

YouTube player

In the video below I am using a seperate CI-V cable for rig control in ACLog. You judge how you want yours setup.

YouTube player

Thank you

If you have any questions, comments or solutions, please comment below. I prefer the comment section here or in YouTube over e-mail because your comments and questions will help others as well.

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Here is the WKUSB Manual with WK 3.1 updates

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Brian Broekema NF0G
3 years ago

Thanks for putting this together. I am having some issues with my hand for CW these days and have been looking for a way to work with a keyboard. This looks like a nice solution.

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