Icom 7610 Screen Captures

Icom 7610 Screen Captures

The above Icom 7610 screen captures are from my Icom 7610. These settings work for all of my software programs like Ham Radio Deluxe, DXLab Suite, ACLog, N1MM Logger, FLdigi, WSJT-X, JT-Alert, Mac software programs and many more.

Things to watch out for:

  1. USB SEND. In my radio I have USB SEND set to RTS. If you're software has RTS checked off somewhere this will send the radio into TX mode and you'll usually have to power off the radio and find out what setting in your software has RTS enabled. If you can't find it, set USB SEND to OFF and see if it works for you.
  2. CI-V Transceive. In my radios I now have it turned OFF. The reason is for best performance of DXLab Commander. The only program I have that uses it is a Mac software program and it'll turn it on automatically. I also use RS-BA1 sometimes and it'll turn it back on. I normally have it OFF now. *If you are using Wfview, they recommend having it on.
  3. CI-V USB Port. Unlink from [REMOTE]. This is for software waterfalls and spectrum scopes to work properly. The CI-V USB Baud Rate also needs to be 115200. To Unlink, tap the "Link to [REMOTE] on the LCD, then tap Unlink from [REMOTE]. (CI-V picture above).
  4. CI-V USB Echo Back. Mine is ON. It needs to be ON for certain things to work correctly. MacLoggerDX needs it on as well as WSJT-X and FT8Call on the Mac. RUMLogNG on the Mac will turn it off automatically when connecting and then back on when exiting.
  5. For networking I am using a static IP.

Icom 7300 Screen Captures


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