Author: K0PIR


KiwiSDR and WebSDR: Exploring the World of Online Radio

This morning I ran a net from my portable station in Cullman, Alabama using a combination of my transceiver for transmitting and KiwiSDR and WebSDR for receiving. My portable station is an Icom 7300 running into a G5RV antenna up...


New Icom ID-50A VHF/UHF D-Star Hand Held Transceiver

Recently, I had the chance to view (videos) the new Icom ID-50A. From what I saw, it looks like a solid option for amateur radio operators seeking an efficient and effective handheld transceiver. With its impressive features and specs, this...

Icom 7300 PRESET 2

Icom 7300 PRESET for Digital Mode Operation

Hey guys, thanks for coming by and checking out my post on the Icom 7300 PRESETS. I’ll have some interesting followup posts on this topic in the near future.  Also please see my earlier post, VarAC Installation and Configuration With...

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