Icom Accessories – IC-7300 IC-7610

On this website and on my YouTube channel I will list products that I own and have used for a while. I trust these Icom accessories from eBay and elsewhere. You'll find links to these accessories below and rest assured I won't link to anything I haven't owned before. I do not link to Amazon, but I'm sure you can find some of these Icom 7300 accessories on there too.


icom 7300 portable

Icom Accessories Cables and Parts

CI-V Cable - Prolific cable you can use for rig control (CAT) on Icom radios. See: GridTracker, WSJT-X and Log4OM

CI-V Cable - FTDI cable you can use for rig control (CAT) on Icom radios. See: WSJT-X FT8 and the Icom 7300 the Easy Way!

CW Interface - for older computers and Icom transceivers. See: Digital Master 780 DM780 CW Decode

USB Cable - CAT cable. Just for CAT and Audio. (USB Audio CODEC).

USB 3.0 Cable - For the Icom 7610 high speed port. Used for HDSDR and CW Skimmer.

Y Cable - Needed for BM800 microphone if you want to add a foot switch (recommended).

Icom Accessories Microphones

BM800 - Inexpensive mic for these transceivers using a electret mic.

Yamaha CM500 - Inexpensive headset for the Icom transceivers needing a electret mic.

Icom SM-50 - One of Icoms best desk mics for Icom transceivers. This is an electret condenser microphone with convenient up/down buttons.

Samson mic boom - 38" microphone boom, for desk and BM800.

See my article using the BM800 microphone and the SM-50 mic. And if you are on the radio in the morning you can find me on the Breakfast Club net, 3.973 MHz and on the RV Service net, 7.184 MHz or shoot me an e-mail and I'll find you.

Icom Accessories and Misc. Parts and Supplies

Icom 7610 Screen Protector

Arborist throw line - See my article on this.

DT Systems Dummy Launcher - My best antenna launcher. Totally Phenomenal!

Braided ground strap - for mobile installations.

LED - bulbs for various things.

Solar panels - Brand I use on my RV.

Portable solar panel - Brand I use

Lead acid battery - Brand I've used in my RV.

Iambic paddle - Good one in my RV.

MuteMate - PTT Mute Switch for Internet Receivers


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