Contest Awards

Here are some of the contest awards or certificates I received from various contests over the years. Operating in South Dakota sometimes all I need are a hundred contacts (sometimes less) to place and get an award. Most of these are from years ago when I was using a nice Kenwood TS-570DG. I really enjoyed using that radio contesting. Everything from SSB to RTTY, it was an exceptional radio. For digital work I used a signalink USB. The software I normally use is N1MM Logger.

I hope to work more contests with my new Icom 7300 and Icom 7610 transceivers. Using the Flex 1500 was fine for QRP CW contests, but for phone contesting it's too hard in a pileup and I don't have the patience. So please look for me in upcoming contests using the Icom 7300 or Icom 7610.

Here's a short clip using the Flex 1500 in a CW contest. Using search and pounce is easy.

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See my YouTube channel for more clips. If you need a South Dakota contact confirmed, I always upload to HRD Log, eQSL and LOTW. I can also send you a QSL card.

Contest Awards K0PIR

Contest Awards - Wikipedia

An amateur radio operating award is earned by an amateur radio operator for establishing two-way communication(or "working") with other amateur radio stations. It is often also called contesting. Contesting usually involves a competition to see who can contact the most stations in a set period of time on certain bands and within specific rules.[1] Awards are sponsored by national amateur radio societies, radio enthusiast magazines, or amateur radio clubs, and aim to promote activity on the amateur radio bands. Each award has its own set of rules and fees. Some awards require the amateur radio operator to have contacted other stations in a certain number of countries, Maidenhead grid locators, or counties. Because amateur radio operators are forbidden by regulation to accept financial compensation for their on-air activity, award recipients generally only receive a certificate, wooden plaque, or a small trophy as recognition of their award.

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