Icom 7610 Diversity Reception Tips and How To

Picking up where I left off last time I am using a receiving antenna connected to the RX input of the ICOM 7610. For diversity reception, technically I should be using a vertical antenna for the RX input, however I do not have a commercially made vertical antenna, so I have been testing a vertical wire antenna that is about 60 feet long, give or take a few feet.

icom 7610 diversity reception

Icom 7610 Diversity Reception

Having two antennas is beneficial when one is used for just the receiving antenna. In my last article and video you can see how to switch back-and-forth between antennas and tell which one is receiving better or listen with Dualwatch and use Tracking.

We can transmit on the one antenna without worrying about the second RX antenna or the transceiver.

Diversity reception is another benefit.

There is a method for separately routing the recovered audio from the receiver connected to the vertically polarized antenna and the receiver connected to the horizontally polarized antenna to the left and right channel of the headphones at the same time. This method is called diversity reception. – Icom 7610 Technical Report Vol. 3

This method helps with signal fade (QSB).

Icom 7610 Menu

You will need to enable the left and right audio channel and the ICOM 7610. Go to MENU>SET>CONNECTORS>Phones and change the L/R Mix to OFF.


  • Not all headphones are the same. Your headphones must support L/R separation. My Yamaha CM500 headphone set with boom mic works perfectly. However, I have another headset that does not work because the left and right channel is not separated in the headphones.
  • Go to MENU>SET>FUNCTION and on page 5 of 7 turn ON the MAIN/SUB Tracking. This will give the operator the ability to put the radio into Tracking mode by simply long pressing the MAIN/SUB hard button.

Dualwatch and Dual Spectrum Scopes

I am using Dualwatch and Dual Spectrum Scopes. See my previous article on setting up an RX antenna.

  1. Go to your frequency of choice.
  2. Push the DUAL-W button on the front of the rig.
  3. Push hold down the M.SCOPE button on the front of the rig for one second.
  4. You should see <MENU1> at the left bottom of the LCD screen. Tap the DUAL soft button.


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Does diversity reception work for you?

If you have any questions, comments or solutions, please comment below. I prefer the comment section here or in YouTube over e-mail because your comments and questions will help others as well.

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Icom 7610 Manuals

Icom 7610 Technical Report Volume 3 (This discusses diversity reception) 

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