The Best Thing About My ACOM 1000 Amplifier

I recently picked up a used ACOM 1000 amplifier in great condition. Since I don’t have 240V in the ham shack I rewired it for 120V. I’ll show you how I did that later. The ACOM 1000 has many great reviews and many great features. I’ll tell you what I like best.

acom 1000

#1 It’s Easy to Tune

The best thing about the ACOM 1000 is I can tune it in 5 – 10 seconds. It is so easy to tune because it uses a feature called TRI. I just followed the instructions. 5 – 10 seconds, that’s it, no fuss, no worries.

Tuning is substantially simplified by a plate-load True Resistance Indicator (TRI) and by an automatically controlled input attenuator. Operating parameters are displayedby a multi-functional backlighted Liquid Crystal Display. Full break-in transmit/receive switching (QSK)is standard. – ACOM1000 Operating Manual

Acom1000 tuning aid

Wired for 120 Volts

I haven’t been running more than 550 watts, so I haven’t had any trouble using 120v. The circuit in my ham shack is a 30 amp circuit. I’ll post some photos of how I did the voltage change. It will be easy enough to change back someday.

In the video below I’ll show you how simple it is to tune.

YouTube player

NOTE: I use a 15ms TX Delay in the Icom radio.

Thank you

If you have any questions, comments or solutions, please comment below. I prefer the comment section here or in YouTube over e-mail because your comments and questions will help others as well.

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Acom 1000 Manual

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3 years ago

I also have an acom 1000, great linear and so easy to tune.

Steve Caron, N9EJK
3 years ago

Tha is for the gear report. Will retire soon and would like info .on a mobile 10 thru 40 meter antennae. Gave one to a ham that was full time RV years ago and never got it replced.

3 years ago

Really informative, thanks for sharing this!

Tom Henderson
8 months ago

I couldn’t find the pictures on how you changed the voltage on the Acom 1000? Thanks -Tom

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