What You Need to Know About Ham Radio Deluxe DM780 RTTY FSK

One thing I like about HRD and DM780 is being able to use RTTY FSK with either my Icom 7300 or Icom 7610. RTTY FSK has the benefit of using the TPF on the Icom radios.

In this latest release, Ham Radio Deluxe v6.7.0.244,  I have it working again. For a long time it was either not working at all or not working very well. With the Icom 7610 it is easy. We get two virtual serial com ports. One for rig control and one for keying. I have a video on the explanation:

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For the Icom 7300 I have used either two cables or used Virtual Serial Port Emulator (VSPE). I have an video on VSPE:

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I have an article using two cables, Icom 7300 HRD 6.3 DM780 RTTY FSK CW.

Using two cables was always preferred by me, but since HRD will have a working and useful Panadapter someday, I suggest getting familiar with something like VSPE if you have the Icom 7300. Note: We need to use a USB cable for rig control if we want the HRD Panadapter. More on that here, Ham Radio Deluxe Panadapter

Icom 7300 and 7610 Menu Settings

Take a look at the screen captures for the 7300 and 7610. You’ll need to setup USB SEND Keying. Mine RTTY is DTR.

What You Need to Know – DM780 Options

  • In DM780 Options, the Soundcard is your USB Audio CODEC.
  • For PTT choose Ham Radio Deluxe.
  • Under Modes + IDs, if you want to use CW via the USB cable choose the COM port that is used for keying.
  • RTTY tab, check FSK Keying Enable, the correct COM Port for keying (as above in CW) and tick the radio dial “Rigblaster PRO (TX, DTR), Icom (DTR) etc…
  • Use Center at 2210 in the Waterfall. Click the “C” in the Waterfall toolbar.
  • Back on the Main window click on “Reverse”. This is the correct setting for operating RTTY FSK in DM780.

What You Need to Know – Troubleshooting

Having trouble? At first RTTY FSK would key the radio, there was a long delay and then it would start sending (diddle). I remembered this problem from before and I played with the COM Port Advanced setting. Unchecking FIFO worked in the past and it worked this time too.

Try this on the COM Port used for USB SEND Keying.

If it still fails, check you have the correct COM port in the DM780 Options and on the RTTY FSK tab.

Still having trouble? Restart your PC.

Good luck!

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Thank you

If you have any questions, comments or solutions, please comment below. I prefer the comment section here or in YouTube over e-mail because your comments and questions will help others as well.

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NOTE: Users are reporting that there is a timing issue with RTTY (FSK)  and using HRD and DM780. I have had a problem with recent HRD updates myself. You may or may not get this working.


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I'm an Amateur Radio enthusiast. I love the hobby and experimenting with radios, antennas and software. On my YouTube channel I upload videos on the Icom 7300 and Icom 7610 along with Ham radio software programs. I hope to inspire people to try new things in Amateur Radio.

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Dave Borchard
2 years ago

Is FSK better than the USB-D mode on the 7610? I tried to get FSK to work with HRD before, and I could never get it working properly. I also have the RS BA-1 Second Edition remote control software for the 7610. Have you tried using the RS BA-1 Second Edition remote control software? I want to get remote control working for my 7610. I tried using RealVNC Connect remote control software from my MacBook Pro laptop to my Windows 10 Desktop that’s running HRD and connected to the 7610. I’m also thinking about trying the http://www.remotehams.com remote control software FCForb.

Dave KY0L

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