DXLab Suite Winwarbler MMTTY RTTY FSK Configuration

Are you a fan of WinWarbler? Okay, it's a funny name, but many Hams use it for digital modes like PSK31, RTTY and CW. This setup works very well with the Icom 7610 and Icom 7300. If you don't know what WinWarbler is, have a look below or visit the WinWarbler webpage. You can decide if you want to try it.

I'll be perfectly honest, it is a little hard getting used to after coming from HRD and DM780. Now that I have experimented with it, I like using the RTTY and PSK31 modes with Winwarbler. This is a free program unlike HRD v6 and it's companion DM780.

Cables and Radio (Icom 7300 & 7610)

As always, if you are new to this, install the USB driver from Icom before attaching the cable.

On the Icom 7610 attach the cable to the USB 2.0 port, not the blue port (USB 3.0) on the rear of the radio. The 7610 USB driver splits the COM port into two, so there is no need for a second cable for RTTY FSK and no need for something like Virtual Serial Port Emulator (VSPE). See my video, Icom 7610 Virtual Serial (COM) Ports Explained.

With the Icom 7300 I opted for using two cables instead of VSPE. I have articles on both options, one cable with VSPE or two cables (CI-V and USB). See: Icom 7610 N1MM One Cable RTTY FSK CW or  Icom 7300 RTTY FSK with MMTTY.

Setup your radio. Be careful of USB SEND in both radios. I have mine set to RTS and you may be using a software program that will conflict with it. If your radio keys as soon as the software starts up, either turn RTS off in the radio menu or deselect it in the software you have.

What is important is USB Keying (RTTY). I have mine set to DTR. Also DATA OFF MOD, mine is set to MIC,USB (This is a change from previous posts).

Also important, I never have to go back into my radio's menu to make changes. This works with all of my software.

Important Icom 7610 Screen Captures

Important Icom 7300 Screen Captures

Prerequisites to WinWarbler

I suggest using the DXLab Commander with WinWarbler (WW). So if you don't already have it, install using the automatic method as shown in my previous article, DXLab Suite Automatic Installation Using Launcher.

You'll also want the logging and I am using DXKeeper. See my last article: DXKeeper Configuration for Beginners.

You'll want to install MMTTY and it is pretty straight forward. Just download and install it from here, MM Hamsoft.

You'll also need the EXTFSK which is the plugin to do FSK with a USB serial connection. I mention it in the video (below) and was under the assumption it came with MMTTY these days. However, a separate download may be necessary. Try MMTTY first, and if you don't see EXTFSK when setting up MMTTY, you can download EXTFSK from here. I also have an article on this with the Icom 7300. See: Icom 7300 RTTY FSK with MMTTY.

WinWarbler and MMTTY Configuration

I recommend installing Winwarbler using the DXLab Launcher. After that, there isn't much to configure in WinWarbler. Just open WinWarbler and go to the Config button.

Click on the RTTY tab and configure FSK. Set FSK Control to EXTFSK64 (EXTFSK64 or EXTFSK, depending on you PC system). Also, PTT tab in WinWarbler Configuration. Mode Xcr CtrlApp and then your Port. Go to the Soundcard tab, set your soundcard for reception of PSK & RTTY reception. The USB Audio CODEC.

MMTTY requires configuration. With the same configuration window open in WinWarbler click on the MMTTYT Setup. Go to the TX tab and select LTR for Diddle and set the EXTFSK64 for PTT &FSK.

On the Misc tab, look at the TX Port and select the last option, COM-TxD(FSK).

You'll need to setup your Soundcard, so go to that tab and select the USB Audio CODEC for the Reception. Nothing (blank selection) is used for the Transmission.

That should do it, please see the video below.

Icom 7610 and Icom 7300

Both of these transceivers work wonderfully with the DXLab Suite, WinWarbler and MMTTY. The 7610 is a little quieter when switching between RX and TX. Other than that, there is not much difference. Both have excellent TPF filtering.


YouTube player


I missed a setting in WinWarbler video above. Please have a look at the snapshot below. PTT tab in WinWarbler Configuration. Mode Xcr CtrlApp and then your Port.

If you have trouble, questions or comments, please post them below.


Icom USB Driver

DXLab Suite


EXTFSK Plugin (if needed)

Icom 7300 RTTY FSK with MMTTY and N1MM Logger

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I'm an Amateur Radio enthusiast. I love the hobby and experimenting with radios, antennas and software. On my YouTube channel I upload videos on the Icom 7300 and Icom 7610 along with Ham radio software programs. I hope to inspire people to try new things in Amateur Radio.

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