DXLab Suite Automatic Installation Using Launcher – Installing Commander & DXKeeper


I'm an Amateur Radio enthusiast. I love the hobby and experimenting with radios, antennas and software. On my YouTube channel I upload videos on the Icom 7300 and Icom 7610 along with Ham radio software programs. I hope to inspire people to try new things in Amateur Radio.

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Tom Korevec AF4TD
6 years ago

Love your videos! Thought I’d mention that I’ve been using the DXLab software for several months and I, like you, really enjoy using JTAlert and WSJT-X. I have found though, that I do not need to use Commander with these programs. JTAlert interfaces with DXKeeper and adds the log record as soon as you send your “73”. I also find that it is much easier to switch bands using WSJT-X.

Tom Korevec AF4TD
6 years ago


Yes, you are correct, I have an Elecraft K3S, not the IC-7610. I didn’t know that your radio has not yet been added to WSJT-X. I’m sure it will be added soon with as popular as that radio is.

In any case, the DXLab Suite is excellent software and it is regularly updated. Takes a while to work through all the options and settings but it works flawlessly once you take the time.


Bill Leger
5 years ago

Hi Rich

After 2 months of absolutely no problems with my IC-7610, DXLabs and WSJT-X setup I have how develop a problem I can’t solve.
Every thing was working perfectly then I down loaded WSJT-X V1.9.0 RC2. Then the trouble started.

First thing I did is go back to version v1.8.0 but the problem was still there.

When I hit “test PTT” in WSJT NOTHING HAPPENS.
I get an error message (rig failure) DXLabs suite commander rig did not respond to PTT; ON

5 years ago

Hi Rich
Thank you the reply, lets forget about WSJT, with only commander running and nothing else. No mater what I do there is a 3 second delay on CAT. I change band, frequency, mode ECT. there I about a 3 second delay.

I have rebooted my computer

All setting in commander appear to be correct. like I said everything was working for several months. I am using the Icom IC-7600

Bill Leger
5 years ago

Looks like that is the fix…….Thank You

I had interrogate and verify C-iv checked, I was at 200 MS

WSJT is also working.

If your ever in MA. I will treat you to a big cheese burger……thank again

4 years ago

hi Rich,
I love my ic-7610 and dxlab (i used to use dxlab with my ic-761) wsjt-x and rs-ba1 they all work awesome together. thanx so much for all the great HELPFUL videos and descripitions. there are a few more tests i must do with rs-ba1 as remote away from my home qth.

thanx again for all you do.
73 Niece/KA1ULN

1 year ago

Hi Rich –
Thx for all the videos. Will you be doing any more videos about DXLab Suite? More in depth on DXKeeper, SpotCollector, DXView, and Propview?

I am the guy that suggested awhile back you look at GridTracker, just as a reminder!

And, of course a subscriber.

73 John N0JL

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