VarAC Like FT8 Only Better!

VarAC is a new addition to the ham radio digital modes software library. It uses the VARA protocol. It operates similarly to FT8 and has additional features, like file transfer and real time communications, making it an attractive option for operators.VarAC is a digital mode that uses highly efficient error correction techniques to ensure reliable communications even in weak signal conditions. It offers faster data transfer rates and lower power consumption compared to other modes like PSK31 and RTTY.

VarAC = VARA Chat

VarAC Advantages Over FT8

One of the main advantages of VarAC is its ability to dynamically adjust the length of transmitted messages, allowing for efficient use of bandwidth and faster data transfer rates. It also supports file transfer, which makes it an attractive option for emergency communications or for exchanging files between amateur radio operators.
VarAC also supports real-time communications. This feature allows ham radio operators to engage in real-time conversations and exchange digital images.

Gaining Popularity in Amateur Radio

Overall, VarAC with VARA is a versatile digital mode that offers a range of advanced features to ham radio operators. It is quickly gaining popularity in the amateur radio community, and many operators are starting to incorporate it into their communication toolbox. One of the reasons for VarAC's popularity is its ability to support long-distance communication. The mode uses robust error-correction algorithms that enable it to maintain a stable and reliable signal even over long distances and under challenging propagation conditions.

Why Hams Like It

Another advantage of VarAC is its low bandwidth requirements, which make it ideal for use in situations where bandwidth is limited. For example, it can be used in emergency communication scenarios, where voice and text-based communication may be congested or unreliable.
In addition to its practical applications, VarAC is also fun to use, and many ham radio enthusiasts enjoy the challenge of mastering its advanced features. Whether you are a seasoned ham radio operator or just starting, VarAC is a digital mode worth considering for your communication needs.


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VarAC is Open-Source

Lastly, VarAC is an open-source protocol, which means it is freely available for anyone to use and modify. This has led to a thriving community of developers who have created various software programs and tools specifically for using VarAC. This makes it easier for users to access and utilize VarAC, regardless of their technical expertise.
Additionally, the open-source nature of VarAC allows for continuous improvement and innovation as developers can collaborate and share their knowledge and skills to enhance the protocol. This can lead to new features and functionalities being added to VarAC, making it more versatile and adaptable to different applications and industries. The transparency of the protocol also ensures that users can trust its security and reliability as any flaws or vulnerabilities can be identified and addressed quickly by the community. Overall, the open-source nature of VarAC is a key factor in its success and popularity among developers and users alike.


Unfortunately, VarAC is written in C# and therefore is only supported by Windows at the present time. However, some emulators may be used to run it on Linux with a bit of effort.

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I'll have an Installation post coming soon as well as videos to back it up. Are you using it? Meet me on 20 or 40 Meters.

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Prerequisite -VARA-HF 4.7.2


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Greg B
7 months ago

I enjoyed reading you latest post and watching the video about VarAC. Your on-the-fly demonstration enabled me to learn how the new digital mode works with the Icom gear.
I hope to bump into you on the air in the future.

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