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VarAC Like FT8 Only Better!

VarAC is a new addition to the ham radio digital modes software library. It uses the VARA protocol. It operates similarly to FT8 and has additional features, like file transfer and real time communications, making it an attractive option for...

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Definitive In-Depth Operating Guide to WSJT-X FT8 Part 2

I just finished up my second video to the In-depth guide to WSJT-X FT8 operation. It’s on YouTube right now. Don’t miss Part 1 and the accompanying post In-Depth WSJT-X Easy Method – v2.6.1 FT8 Newest WSJT-X v2.6.1 and Highlighted...

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In-Depth WSJT-X Easy Method – v2.6.1 FT8 Part 1

Well after a few years of running WSJT-X on Windows, Linux, macOS and the Raspberry Pi, it looks like to me the winner is FT8 by a long shot. That’s where the users are. My old post in 2017, WSJT-X...

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Making the case for FT8

Ham radio has seen a decline in popularity in recent years, but a new digital mode called FT8 is helping to revive interest in the hobby. FT8 is a fast, effective way to communicate, and it’s perfect for those who...

Time Synchronization for FT8 - ChronyControl 6

Time Synchronization for FT8

When traveling frequently, it can be difficult to maintain an accurate time setting on your computer for FT8, a critical requirement in order to decode optimally. One second off and you’ll significantly reduce your chances of optimal decoding. I use...

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Combining Wfview, ACLog, WSJT-X and Fldigi

This tutorial will show you how to combine the Wfview, ACLog, WSJT-X and Fldigi programs. You’ll be able to use all four of these programs for rig control. I enjoy working FT8 and then switching to PSK31. This combination makes...

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