The Icom 7610 Has Arrived – Ham Radio Deluxe Setup

I still have my Icom 7300 and will continue to write and create videos for it. For now, the long wait is over and the Icom 7610 is in the shack and on the air. I received it Friday, December 8th 2017 and my registration was in January 2017. The price was a little more than I anticipated, but I bit the bullet and went ahead anyway. See my article Why I Chose The Icom 7610 Over The Flex 6400M.

icom 7610

Icom IC-7610 SDR HF/6M Transceiver

First impression: It’s a beautiful radio, good size, and has a vastly improved LCD touchscreen.  Just like the IC-7300, works right out of the box! See the first video on my Icom 7610: Icom 7610 First QSO.

Icom 7610 Cables and Software Driver

Even though the IC-7300 and the IC-7610 uses the same downloaded driver from Icom, it is an updated driver with a driver date of 2017/10/05. I decided to download the driver and reinstall it. I suggest doing that first, before connecting the USB cable.

This time when connecting you’ll have two virtual COM ports, A and B. This is different from the IC-7300.

I’m using two cables as with the 7300 while operating, but I’ll show using just the USB cable and that works FB as well. When attaching the USB cable have the software driver installed first. Plug the cable into the USB 2.0 port, not the USB 3.0 (blue) port on the back of the rig.

Icom 7610 Menu Settings

The 7610’s menu is a little daunting at first, but it is similar to the Icom 7300. There are just more sub menu’s than the 7300. Many items in the Connectors menu are similar though. I’ll post some screens shots here because a picture is worth a thousand words. See the video below too.

Icom 7610 Ham Radio Deluxe Setup

It wasn’t hard to configure HRD to work with the IC-7610, even though the rig is not listed in the software. Using the IC-7700 as the rig in HRD’s drop down list, works good. I haven’t explored it fully, but the rig control is working. (UPDATE: The IC-7610 is now listed in HRD.)

When trying to make my first test transmission DM780 alerted me there wasn’t a TX button in the DM780 rig control. It was easy to set it up. See screenshot here.

The IC-7610 uses a CI-V address of 98h. In HRD the default of the IC-7700 is 74. There are a couple of ways to fix this, one is in the radio menu and the other, just enter 98 in HRD when the connect screen comes up. I chose the latter.

Once you have it working, use the HRD Preset to connect. It works every time for me.

Icom 7610 COM Port Caveats

When I connected the Icom 7610 and looked in Windows 10 Device Manger I saw there are two COM ports now, when I expected just one like the Icom 7300.

I assigned port numbers that are familiar to me. This is not necessary, but you’ll have to be careful when choosing the COM port in the software. I believe the first one that shows up in the list under Device Manager>Ports (COM & LPT) is the USB A, and the second listed will be USB B. Using the first one listed works as it has to correspond with the USB SEND/Keying in the 7610 menu. See here.

UPDATE : See Icom 7610 Virtual Serial (COM) Ports Explained

Icom 7610 HRD DM780 WSJT-X and JT Alert

Take a look at my video. I go through the Icom 7610 menu and then the HRD connect screen. There is also a quick look at DM780, WSJT-X and JT Alert.

YouTube player


When HRD and the others update with the IC-7610 listed, I’ll just select it and not use the 7700 any longer.

Thank you coming by and watching my video. I hope you find it informative and useful. I’m excited to operate and add more software in the near future. There will be more to come.

73’s Rich, K0PIR


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I'm an Amateur Radio enthusiast. I love the hobby and experimenting with radios, antennas and software. On my YouTube channel I upload videos on the Icom 7300 and Icom 7610 along with Ham radio software programs. I hope to inspire people to try new things in Amateur Radio.

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Bob KU5J
5 years ago

This is exactly the info I was looking for. M 7610 is due to arrive in 3 days, and one of my first goals is to interface it with HRD. Your video and information is very much appreciated.

5 years ago


Thanks for all the video’s, they have been great… I’m stuck though on getting the IC-7610 to transmit on MMTTY.
I have gone through your recent video on single cable MMTTY but can only get the radio to key, no diddle though and that is the problem I have. Using MMTTY version 1.68 and have downloaded the EXTFSK64 driver and extracted the files into the MMTTY directory. I have gone through the video and set up the IC-7610 radio just as you have, and gone through the MMTTY install to include selecting the EXTFSK64 for my port. The EXTFSK64 setup screen comes up and I have set up and verified that it is on the correct USB port. EXTFSK64 Status reads OK. When I hit the TX button the radio keys but there is no diddle just carrier. I have tried to send text (call sign) but not letters/numbers just solid keying. BTW the N1MM Logger plus is working with the spectrum scope and the radio frequency reads correctly on the band reader… Not sure what to do at this point. I have tried both MMTTY versions 1.68 and 1.70 same issue. Not sure which way to go on this one..

Again thanks for all the videos, they have been great. I also own a IC-7300 and have enjoyed those videos as well.

Steve, N4DXS

Dave KC9K
5 years ago

Have you experienced any issues with the Rig switching from USB Dig to USB while transmitting using WSJT X?

5 years ago

Hi Rich,
I’ve had good success getting HRD to work with the 7610, but I had to use the Icom 7300 in the preset. I tried using the 7700 as you suggested, but the 7610 does immediately into transmit upon starting HRD, and no matter what settings I used (DTR, RTS, and all combinations), nothing seems to work using the 7700 as the preset choice. I’ve also read some folks had good luck using the 7600, but that also didn’t work with HRD effectively. So, I’ve got HRD working with the 7300 preset, but WSJTX doesn’t put the radio is transmit. I’ve tried all the settings I can find in WSJTX using different radios with HRD as the PTT. Any ideas that you might have to get WSJTX working would be very much appreciated. I’ve been able to get HRD to work with my 7300 just fine, but the 7610 will not work.

Bob KU5J

Malcolm Pelham. WF5K
5 years ago


Good evening. I am trying to setup the 7610 on WSJT-x and not having any success due in part to know 7610 in the radio drop down. I was using the 7600, and also a 7300 with no problem. I have tried both radio’s setup and also the 7700 but nothing has worked so far. Decodes perfectly but no CAT control.

I am also using N3FJP logging and have successfully set that up on the radio for rig control and transmit.

Anything you can do to help will be appreciated.

Mal. WF5K

MMalcolm Pelham
5 years ago

Thanks Rich for the workaround with DX Lab Suite. I’ll give it a try, but I may just use my 7300 until such time as WSJT-x has added the 7610. HI HI

Happy New year.


Randy BArtosiewicz
5 years ago

Hi Rich;
Thanks for all the info on connecting HRD, works great. Got JTDX working through HRD, but I removed JTDX and all it’s files and did a clean install. The Test and PPT work and it’s up and running.

5 years ago


Kind of off topic but, do you have any experience with RS BA-1 and setting up with the ICOM 7610?

Dave, KC9K

4 years ago


I got FT8 running (USB-DAT1). RX IF filter is set to 1300 Hz: is thee a way to define 3 kHz (or so) RX window?

Bet 73, gl
Iztok, s52d

4 years ago

Hi Rich!

Thans for answer. My mistake: I was talking IC-7610, not IC-7300.

My problem: youtube doesn not work on my PCs.
But from comments I assume it was about IC-7300.

I can move 1300 Hz USB-D1 a bit around: but same with VFO.
With soft shape it might get a bit more.

Best 73, CU FT8 (no qso yet)
Iztok, s52d

4 years ago

wow thanks!

I overlooked tuning dial. A new look at FT8 band now, I even “smell” some JT65 on 160m.
Manual is like a puzzle: bits and pieces in different places.

It is funny to see filter starting at -50 Hz, so I shifted it higher with twin PBT.

Summary: IC-7610 is a nice toy.

Best 73, gd DX, CU FT8
Iztok, s52d

Stephen Emlyn-Jones
4 years ago

Hi Rich,
I have followed your video instructions and have FT8 operating correctly.
I have HRD controlling the IC-7610 but with DM780 for some reason, while the rig keys to transmit, there is no output. Receive works perfectly.
Any ideas ?
Tks – 73

Stephen Emlyn-Jones
4 years ago

Thanks Rich,
No both are correct.
By the way I am using just a single usb cable if that makes any difference.
What mode should I be in on the IC-7610.
I had DM780 working correctly when I was using a Yaesu FT-DX1200 and then I used usb.
Thanks for your help.

Rick Lawn
4 years ago

As a new 7610 owner I’m really enjoying your tutorials. There is a lot to learn on this rig. As a previous flex owner I was torn but I think I made the right choice. I have not been having luck getting ACL to connect to the radio for some reason and I need to read check my settings. HRD connected without a hitch though I can’t get PTT to work in DM780. Again, I must be missing something. I’m not using the CI-V connection as I didn’t feel that was necessary since I already have a USB connection that should handle both audio and PTT.

Keep those videos coming!
Rick, W2JAZ

John Poindexter
4 years ago

Thanks for all the help you are providing.

I have tried your suggestions on the IC-7610 and DM780 that I could find.
Finally got he waterfall to show up scrolling down. But, it still doesn’t show the signals
so that I can click on one to decode. I am using a single USB cable that runs rig control, WDJT-X and the HDSDR and CW Skimmer really well. But like I said, I can not get DM780 to show the RTTY or even a CW signal in the waterfall.

Jim Porterfield
4 years ago


Thanks for the video’s !

I was wondering if you had run across an issue I have with my 7610 powering off and showing “Error in sound input” in the WSJT-X software. I’m using HRD for rig control and when I try to tune it shows this error. I was able to get it to work by reducing the power way down but as soon as I try moving it up the error comes back.

3 years ago

Hi Rich
Thanks for all the info and video’s on the 7610.
I was using my 7610 with my XP system using the CAT control.
Then tried getting the HRD PTT to work with 7610.
Now the WJST CAT won’t work and device manager shows both Icom ports bridge not working.
Keeps saying Windows can not load the drivers correctly, regardless how many times I have uninstalled and reinstalled.
Appreciate any comments you might have..
Thanks Rex

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