Ham Radios Feld Hell Mode – Fun Nets and Interesting Contests

Hello Ham friends and good day from Cullman, AL. Have you ever heard of the ham radio mode Feld Hell? Well, I've been playing around with it while operating from my camper and have found the nets to be fun and interesting. As I get to know the regulars who check in, that makes it even better.

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feld hell net

Photo taken of my laptop while operating. Yes, two lines is normal.

So what is Feld Hell?

Hellschreiber (Also known as Feld Hell or just Hell) is a teleprinter system developed in the late 1920's by Rudolf Hell, a German inventor.

The name "Feld Hell" is a play on words, combining the German word "Feld" (meaning "field") and "Hell" (meaning "light" or "bright"). The name reflects the fact that the mode was designed to be used in field conditions, where other modes might not work as well.

From it's origin dating back to the 1920s, it has been improved upon over the last 15 years or so and now you'll see Feld Hell is a relatively fast digital mode, with a transmission speed of 122.5 baud. This means that it can transmit 122.5 symbols (or bits) per second or about a 25 WPM text rate.

Here is a table from W1HKJ website (link below)

Operating Parameters
Mode Symbol Rate Typing Speed1 Duty Cycle2 Modulation Bandwidth3 ITU Designation4
Feld-Hell5 122.5 baud ~ 2.5 cps (25 wpm) ~ 22% OOK ASK 350 Hz 350HA1B
Slow Hell 14 baud ~ 0.28 cps (2.8 wpm) ~ 22% OOK ASK 40 Hz 40H0A1B
Feld-Hell X5 612.5 baud ~ 12.5 cps (125 wpm) ~ 22% OOK ASK 1750 Hz 1K75A1B
Feld-Hell X9 1102.5 baud ~ 22.5 cps (225 wpm) ~ 22% OOK ASK 3150 Hz 3K15A1B
FSK-Hell 245 245 baud ~ 2.5 cps (25 wpm) ~ 80% 2-MSK6 490 Hz 490HF1B
FSK-Hell 105 105 baud ~ 2.5 cps (25 wpm) ~ 80% 2-MSK6 210 Hz 210HF1B
Hell 80 245 baud ~ 5.0 cps (50 wpm) 100% 2-FSK (480Hz) 800 Hz 800HF1B

One advantage of Feld Hell today is that it can be decoded using software running on a computer. This means that ham radio operators can use their computers to decode Feld Hell transmissions, rather than relying on dedicated hardware (the early days of Hellschreiber). There are several software packages available for decoding Feld Hell, including Fldigi, MultiPSK, and HamScope.

Feld Hell Club (FHC)

The Feld Hell Club (FHC) operates the weekly nets on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. These are the nets I have been participating in. They also sponsor contests for Feld Hell. The website is short and precisely to the point about this interesting topic, so please visit their website.

What do you need to participate?

The transceiver: If you have been using your ham radio transceiver for digital modes, you're in luck. There's not much to Feld Hell. Just setup your radio to receive and send digitally. For instance on the Icom 7300 I use a 3.6 kHz receive bandwidth, USB-D mode, and turn off NR, NB and I set the AGC to fast. In my Icom 7300 I have a PRESET for this mode.

The software: I've been using Fldigi, but many other programs are capable of Feld Hell. If you use Ham Radio Deluxe, you can use DM780. I like Fldigi because it works on my Macbook pro too.

Power: I start out at 50 watts, but have used as much as 100 watts and I have not had a problem with my IC-7300 getting hot.

On the nets, users will send messages which a fairly long, maybe 25 to 50 words in the transmission.

Important: Use RSID so you sync with the NCS frequency.

  • Please check in with your Call (3x) or as directed by NCS.
  • Early checkins start 15m before the net officially starts. After acknowledged, please standby until your turn for comments.
  • It may take some time due to the propagation and relays before everyone gets their turn. Please be patient.
  • For better reception FLDigi users can choose font FAT14 for their transmit font.


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Thank You!

Questions? Please leave a comment below! I am on the FH nets regularly.

Upcoming: I'll have more on Feld Hell. Please see the link to the club, FHC. Also at the bottom of the page is upcoming contest info!

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The Feld Hell Club

FHC Contests

More from ZL1BPU (Why does it transmit two lines?)

Frank, N4SPP's webpage with lots of interesting things about HELLSCHREIBER

The MixW Manual has some interesting facts about Feld Hell

W1HJK info on Feld Held (good source of information)


Worked all Africa, Asia, Europe, Oceania SPRINT

29 April 2023 00:00 - 23:59z

More info: https://sites.google.com/site/feldhellclub/Home/contests/sprints/waaaeo-sprint


General Sprint Rules: https://sites.google.com/site/feldhellclub/Home/contests/sprint-rules

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I'm an Amateur Radio enthusiast. I love the hobby and experimenting with radios, antennas and software. On my YouTube channel I upload videos on the Icom 7300 and Icom 7610 along with Ham radio software programs. I hope to inspire people to try new things in Amateur Radio.

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Bob McFetridge
1 year ago

Thank you for a great artical. I have been looking for a new digital mode to try and this fits the bill.

Mark Mtichell
1 year ago

Thanks for your article! I would only add that the mode was invented by Rudolf Hell and this may have more to do with the name than the German word for bright.

Randy Bartosiewicz
1 year ago

I agree nice to have more choices. Have you tried it with HRD?

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