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Flurry of Videos from Hamcation

It’s not too late to check it out! Recently, I’ve been posting several videos about Hamcation on YouTube. Keep an eye out for more in the coming weeks. Attendees at the recent HamCation in Orlando had the benefit of attending...

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44Net – What Is It And Why Should Hams Care?

Recently I was in Orlando for HamCation and I had the pleasure of attending a forum my first day. At first I didn’t even know what 44Net was, but as Jon, KA6NVY explained it became clear to me I have...


Road To HamCation Orlando, Fl.

My first Orlando HamCation event! I have been fortunate enough to attend a few Hamventions, but never a HamCation. You can follow me on APRS, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. I’ll post updates on my social accounts, but mainly on Instagram and Facebook. My...


Ham Radio Xmas Activity 2022 – Santa and CW QRS Italy

Here is another activity for the Christmas season. It’s a CW activity, more below. I usually listen in to Santa on 80 Meters just to hear the kids on the radio. It’s a ball. I think I’ll try this CW... map 0

Understanding the Basics of APRS and How to Get Started in APRS

Over the weekend, I got the chance to go to the Chattanooga Hamfest where the focus this year was “Preparedness Through Communications & Self-Reliance”. I was caught off guard (camera not setup very good for recording) and pleasantly surprised with the presentation...

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The Breakfast Club Picnic – A Large Time

Good morning Ham friends, shortwave listeners and shut-ins. What is the Breakfast Club picnic? It happens every year (barring unforeseen pandemics). It happens in different places around the country too. This year we were in Neosho, MO. and enjoyed terrific...

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