Combining Wfview, ACLog, WSJT-X and Fldigi

This tutorial will show you how to combine the Wfview, ACLog, WSJT-X and Fldigi programs. You’ll be able to use all four of these programs for rig control. I enjoy working FT8 and then switching to PSK31. This combination makes it easy and my contacts get logged into ACLog.

I started using this combination a few weeks ago when I was in Florida. See my YouTube video, POTA Station and Breakfast Club Net – Conecuh Open Pond Recreation Area.

If you haven’t already, please see my previous two posts, Guide to the Wfview Icom Interface and Wfview Icom Interface and ACLog Solution. That will get you up-to-date.

aclog wsjt-x wfview fldigi

The Best Radios for Wfview

The following radios have been tested and are known to work well: IC-705, IC-7300, IC-7610, IC-R8600, IC-7850, and IC-9700.

Wfview supports the following radios on a best-effort level. Obviously, many of the more modern features (such as the waterfall display) are not available on these older radios: IC-706, IC-718, IC-736, IC-756 Pro, IC-756 Pro II, IC-756 Pro III, IC-7000, IC-7100, IC-7200, IC-7410, IC-7600, IC-7700, IC-7800, IC-910H, IC-9100

Combining Wfview, WSJT-X and Fldigi

I’m going to assume (I know, I know) that you already have all of these programs installed. If not I have some posts on this website that can help you. See the Sources section below.

In Wfview, under the Setting tab, I have Rigctld enabled. Be sure to use the same port number in this as in WSJT-X. Same goes for Fldigi. Ham Lib Rigctld will be the radio used in the rig control windows for both programs.

You’ll want WSJT-X to log into ACLog and to do that you’ll need to enable and option in ACLog. But first check WSJT-X under the Reporting tab and enable UDP messages. See the screen captures below.

ACLog and Fldigi Settings

You’ll want Fldigi to automatically send the contacts to ACLog, To do that go into Fldigi Config Dialog and find the Logging section. Under Logging you’ll see N3FJP. Enable that and use the port number 1100. No go back to ACLog and under the Settings Menu, look for Application Program Interface. Click it and enable “Listen for WSJT-X” section as well as the “TCP API Enabled (Server)” with the port number 1100. See the screen captures below.


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