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MacLoggerDX Fldigi AutoLog Script with PTT App.

If you have used MacloggerDX with Fldigi you may have run into trouble and needed some help. One issue is Fldigi automatically logging to MacloggerDX and the other issue is getting Fldigi to key the transmitter (PTT). How is it...


MacLoggerDX and JS8Call Configuration Part II

It’s easy to get MacLoggerDX and JS8Call configured. Just follow the instructions and pictures below. There is also a good video. Remember, if you need to see screen captures for the Icom radio internal settings I have them here for...

js8call main window 2

JS8Call and MacLoggerDX Part I

If you tried JS8Call a long time ago and didn’t like it, try this latest version because it’s much better. See what Turbo mode is all about! Getting MacLoggerDX and JS8Call v2.1 working together was fairly easy. I have a...

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