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Road To HamCation Orlando, Fl.

My first Orlando HamCation event! I have been fortunate enough to attend a few Hamventions, but never a HamCation. You can follow me on APRS, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. I’ll post updates on my social accounts, but mainly on Instagram and Facebook. My...

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Fldigi Setup While Using Wfview

Setting up Fldigi using Wfview is a great way to get the most out of your digital radio experience. With this setup, you can easily access the full range of features and capabilities offered by Fldigi, such as PSK31, Olivia,...

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Anytone 578 APRS Settings for RVing

In this post I ‘ll show you the APRS settings I use with my Anytone AT-D578UV III Pro. This is specifically for when I pull my camper. I have a very important setting that I use. See below. Anytone Software...

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The Best Way to Spend Your Weekend: Amateur Radio Hamfest in Your Area

I drove up to Chattanooga for the 2022 Chattanooga Amateur Radio Hamfest and flea market (video below). Chattanooga is only about 130 miles from Cullman, Alabama where I am staying this Fall. The Chattanooga Hamfest is sponsored by the Chattanooga...

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360 Virtual Reality (VR) Ham Radio Videos

What does 360° Virtual Reality (VR) have to do with Ham Radio? Last year I bought a Oculus VR headset and it has been very enjoyable. The pandemic helped move me toward this technology. I watch 360 Virtual Realty videos...

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Truck Mobile Station Install and Destination Colorado

KØPIR is packing up and heading to Colorado. In Pierre the temperatures have been hitting 100+ degrees F., so it’s time to operate mobile and head to the mountains. I made some updates to my truck and I’ll have videos...

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