Handy Mini60 SARK100 Antenna Analyzer Overview


I'm an Amateur Radio enthusiast. I love the hobby and experimenting with radios, antennas and software. On my YouTube channel I upload videos on the Icom 7300 and Icom 7610 along with Ham radio software programs. I hope to inspire people to try new things in Amateur Radio.

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4 years ago

“Buyer beware” is good advice: I have purchased 2 off eBay from different sellers which were both terribly inaccurate compared to my SWR meters. One I returned the other is still on my shelf as the seller didn’t want to pay the return shipping. However, if I could find one that worked I would buy again as I can’t justify spending $300 for an instrument I only rarely need.

John K7KB
4 years ago
Reply to  John

Keep in mind that many analyzers require a OSL (Open, Short, Load) calibration before they are accurate. Rich, do you know if the Mini60 allows such a calibration?

Tom Johnson
4 years ago

Does it work on iPhone as well as Android do you know?

4 years ago

i bought the same but it did not work at all.(it did not charged but the led status was fully charged but it wont switched on) I got my money returned and did not have to returned the analyzer. I opened it up and i did not find any battery attached in the analyzer. does anybody know what kind of battery i need??

Roger Beecham
4 years ago
Reply to  Jos

Hi Jos.
Mine was the same and my money was als returned. The battery I use is a HW 752540p. Not sure if its correct but it charges ok and fits nicely

Roger G4OQV

4 years ago

Hi Rich,
I buy the mini 60 in China but it come without battery and bluethoth I go to buy Usb serial and the bluetotooth,
you have any info about install in the MINI60 the bluetooth after configuration ?
Thank you
73´s Ivan EA8YG

3 years ago

Could you tell me which file to use for an android phone note 8 please thankyou for your help

3 years ago

Hello All, I need help and advice. My Mini 60 stopped communicating over Bluetooth and USB. It connects to my Android device and also the PC, but no data (Serial info) If I had to guess, it was the RS232 chip. Anyone else have this issue… and how did you resolve it?

Mike Davis
2 years ago

Just got a Mini60 w bluetooth. tried to see if there is an Android app at the app store. nothing obvious. I’d really like this feature for true portability. Any suggestions for this app feature would be appreciated.

1 year ago

To expect good results without doing all the (simple) calibration steps is to expect failure… or totally incorrect results, at best… Look on the web for “Sark 100 calibration”, or download a full manual for same… The Sark100 was the original, from which the Chinese made clones were derived.

The link http://www.popular-hifi.com/shack/acc_sark100/SARK100.pdf gives assembly information for the original kit, it also includes calibration information and also the way to make small reference antennas for testing…

Be aware that in the earlier (Pre 2016) days some Chinese clone makers tried to use substitute chips, with catastrophic results… A LOT of bad analysers came on the market, and gave the Sark 100 clones a (deservedly) bad name… They CAN be repaired, but sourcing the correct chips is VERY difficult. The same can be said for the early Bluetooth enabled clones – they would only pair properly with a limited number of Android phones…

Choosing sellers that use PayPal is good insurance, especially now return postage is one of Paypals offerings to registered users.

All that said, recent ones DO work very well, and makes spending a LOT more for over-priced and overrated brand name units impossible to justify…


1 year ago

They should make the calibration ends for it also

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