Networking Your Field Day Log- N1MM or N3FJP?

Over the years our club has used N3FJP‘s Field Day log and it has been a good choice for us. It is simple to use and runs pretty flawlessly. This year we will be using in N1MM Field Day log for a change. N1MM Logger+ has a very nice networking interface. So if you’re going to be participating in Field Day this year and over a network, what software will you be using?

N1MM Logger+ field day log

N3FJP Field Day Contest Log

N3FJP Field Day Contest Log has always been a very nice, simple program for everyone to use. It connects to the radios easily and we hardly have any trouble with it. I like all N3FJP software because it is so simple to use and it is very reliable. However, last year we experienced a problem with Windows networking. The Windows computers did not see each other over the network at one point (sample pictures below) and our Field Day Contest Log stopped networking. We switched to stand alone and continued without issues. No dupes.

In addition, Microsoft is changing networking and file sharing in 2019, so I don’t want any hassles this year with laptops running different versions of Windows and what that might entail. See: Changes to file sharing over a network in Windows 10

Is there a solution? I think so.

N1MM Logger+ Field Day Log

I’ve used N1MM Logger+ as a standalone program for a long time and with many different contests, but never for Field Day. This will be an interesting change. In testing it seems to work very well over the network and I like the network status window.  While testing it does not matter if a computer saw the other computer over the network, N1MM will connect to it.

The N1MM+ network scheme also simplifies and automates the network setup. So long as each computer on the network is running in the same subnet, with the same version of N1MM Logger, and the same contest and multi-operator class in the Contest Setup, the network will be set up automatically. – N1MM Logger website

It’s very easy!

Under the same networking scenario as above (sample pictures above), where computer B does not see computer A,  N1MM Logger+ still works!

Testing N1MM Networking

YouTube player

Network Logging for Field Day

What will you be using this year?

If you have any questions, comments or solutions, please comment below. I prefer the comment section here or in YouTube over e-mail because your comments and questions will help others as well.

Thank you for subscribing to this website. I appreciate the comments, questions and suggestions. You can follow me on TwitterFacebookInstagram and YouTube.


Rich, K0PIR


N1MM Network Status Window

N3FJP Field Day Contest Log

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3 years ago

Leave it to Microsoft to change things. I suspect that N3FJP will still work just fine on a Windows workgroup network but I haven’t tried it yet this year. One problem is that in Windows 10 Microsoft changed networking protocols from SMB1 to SMB3 so computers on different versions of Windows might not show up in the ‘network neighborhood.’ However they should be accessible if you access them by IP address or by typing in the name, for example “\\computer1”.

3 years ago

Rather than using Windows file share we use TCP networking. On the networking screen click the TCP button and check the Enable status/chat checkbox. Put the IP address of the server in the “Server name or IP” box.


Carnes Mechanical
3 years ago

Thanks for sharing all of your experiences!

3 years ago

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7 months ago

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