Elecraft KX2 and WSJT-X Easy Setup

Sometimes all we need is a little QRP transceiver, a weak signal mode and a good antenna. In comes the Elecraft KX-2, WSJT-X and a random wire. It can be used successfully in the field or at home (Ham Shack Portable). Although CW is preferred by many, you’ll find more opportunity to make short contacts (QSLs) using FT8. However, Morse code is more exciting because there’s conversation and more human interaction. The Elecraft KX2 is well suited for CW ops. I think it’s the best backpacking/SOTA HF transceiver around.

elecraft kx2 wsjt-x

Sabrent USB Sound Card

Elecraft KX2 WSJT-X

With the Elecraft KX2 transceiver I am using a Elecraft KXUSB serial cable, Sabrent USB Sound Card, two 3.5mm stereo male-male audio cables, an HP stream laptop running WSJT-X version 2.0.

Sabrent USB Connections to KX2: Sabrent Mic In to Elecraft KX2 Phones. Sabrent Speaker Out to KX2 Mic In.

The antenna I am using inside the Ham Shack is a 80′ random wire with a 9:1 UNUN.

K0PIR Suggested KX2 Settings ( See Video Below):

Receiver and Transmitter
  • MODE: DATA A (WSJT-X will assist, but verify it is Data A mode and correct FIL width)
  • NB: OFF
  • NR: OFF
  • PRE: OFF
  • RF Gain: 0
  • FIL BW: 4 kHz
  • FIL Center: 1.5 kHz
  • AF: 2-10
  • AGC MD: OFF (See: How to Save Your Ears When AGC is OFF)
  • AGC LIM: 20
  • MIC GAIN: 0-50 (4 bars of ALC on transmit
  • PWR: 5 to 7 watts
  • MICBIAS: OFF ( may not be necessary to turn OFF)

My WSJT-X settings:

  • Rig: KX2
  • PTT: CAT
  • Mode: Data/Pkt
  • Split: Fake It

Elecraft KX2 Connections to HP Stream Laptop

Elecraft KX2 Settings for Digital Modes Data A Video

YouTube player
YouTube player
YouTube player

Thank you

More to come on WinKeyer 3 and RTTY FSK. Post your thoughts below in the comment section.

If you have any questions, comments or solutions, please comment below. I prefer the comment section here or in YouTube over e-mail because your comments and questions will help others as well.

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Rich, K0PIR


The Elecraft KX2 by Fred Cady – KE7X

Elecraft KX2 Owners Manual

How to Save Your Ears When AGC is OFF

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Tim Huffaker
2 years ago

Did you add the IQ output to your Kx2? If so did you see any difference after the change? Have you used it on since the install.

2 years ago

When I connect KX2 to my computer in digi mode, psk31 ,Olivia, WJST all work normal, the only thing I want is get the radio speaker noise back, I don’t know how to do it, I have Yeasu 818nd, in digital mode still can hear the speaker noise.any ideal?



2 years ago

Could I use these setting for mrp40 CW decoding software. I’ve just ordered the sabrent sound card and audio leads.

3 months ago

I was looking for some examples of South Dakota QSL party on YouTube. Found you and it lead me to your website. You had a page on linking the kx2 to wjst-x and hookups to a computer. Finally after years, I’m up and running. I had all the stuff already from past attempts. It was just a matter of settings on the computer, kx2, wjst. Also your comment on the sound monitoring you gave was greatful. In the past I used a splitter from the phone on the rig. A big 73’s from n5vwn.

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