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How To Set Up A New Computer With Ham Radio Deluxe!

How To Set Up A New Computer With Ham Radio Deluxe? Easy, follow me! Below are the general steps: 1. Requirements: – Verify that your computer meets the minimum system requirements for HRD. – Ensure you have your radio properly...

alien r10 5

The Alien and Latest Ham Radio Deluxe Installed

I recently purchased a 2021 Dell Alienware R10 with a Ryzen 9 3900xt CPU for my home QTH and I have the latest Ham Radio Deluxe installed on it already. My previous Hewlett Packard (HP) i5 SFF desktop served me...


KiwiSDR and WebSDR: Exploring the World of Online Radio

This morning I ran a net from my portable station in Cullman, Alabama using a combination of my transceiver for transmitting and KiwiSDR and WebSDR for receiving. My portable station is an Icom 7300 running into a G5RV antenna up...

VarAC Installation VARA HF 4


I recorded a nice VARA Chat QSO while using VarAC and in the video we demonstrate how to QSY, upload a file and send gestures. VARA Chat QSO Thank You! Questions? Please leave a comment below! I am on VarAC...

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