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KiwiSDR and WebSDR: Exploring the World of Online Radio

This morning I ran a net from my portable station in Cullman, Alabama using a combination of my transceiver for transmitting and KiwiSDR and WebSDR for receiving. My portable station is an Icom 7300 running into a G5RV antenna up...

VarAC Installation VARA HF 4


I recorded a nice VARA Chat QSO while using VarAC and in the video we demonstrate how to QSY, upload a file and send gestures. VARA Chat QSO Thank You! Questions? Please leave a comment below! I am on VarAC...

VarAC Installation VARA HF 0

VarAC Installation and Configuration With VARA HF

In this article, we’ll take a quick look at some elements that weren’t covered in my VarAC installation video. We’re going to cover a few topics such as the receive audio and transmit audio, as well as tips for getting...


VarAC Like FT8 Only Better!

VarAC is a new addition to the ham radio digital modes software library. It uses the VARA protocol. It operates similarly to FT8 and has additional features, like file transfer and real time communications, making it an attractive option for...

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