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In amateur radio and computing, a boat anchor or boatanchor is something obsolete, useless, and cumbersome – so-called because metaphorically its only productive use is to be thrown into the water as a boat mooring. Terms such as brick, doorstop, and paperweight are similar.

Boat Anchors love electricity. They convert electricity to heat, so you do not have to run your furnace as much during the wintertime.

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In the ham radio trade, gear such as the old Drake units [Dr. Scott M. Baker] has in his radio shack are often referred to as “boat anchors.” It refers to big, heavy radios that were perhaps a bit overengineered compared to the state of the art at the time they were designed, and it’s actually a shame that the name has taken on something of a pejorative connotation, since some of this gear is rock solid half a century or more after it was built.
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N0VCU Boat Anchor Collection and Fan Dipole Videos

Good Day Ham friends and boat anchor lovers! Who doesn’t like a good boat anchor collection? While in Neosho Missouri for the Breakfast Club picnic I had the pleasure of visiting N0VCU’s Ham Shack and shop. Steve has a terrific...