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Orlando HamCation Hamvention 2024 News

I’ve shared a video featuring Michael Kalter, W8CI, presenting fascinating details about Hamvention 2024 news at HamCation. The information shared is truly engaging. Looking forward to seeing you there! Best wishes and safe travels. Hamvention 2024 News This video provides...

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Orlando HamCation Again!

I am heading out to Orland tomorrow for HamCation. I was there last year and really enjoyed it. See my post: Flurry of Videos from Hamcation. Orlando HamCation 2024 If you’re going, please comment below and hopefully we can have a...

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Latest Videos on the Icom 7610 and Elecraft K3S

I have taken the opportunity to create comparison videos featuring the Icom 7610 and Elecraft K3S. The purpose behind this was to draw comparisons between their respective receivers, when used for SSB and CW. It’s important to acknowledge that both...

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Icom 7610 And Elecraft K3S SSB Receiver Settings

Among amateur radio operators, the Icom 7610 and Elecraft K3S radios stand out as popular choices, renowned for their superior performance and advanced features. Despite their impressive attributes, these radios can be further optimized by adjusting their SSB listening receiver...

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