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Truck Mobile Station Install and Destination Colorado

KØPIR is packing up and heading to Colorado. In Pierre the temperatures have been hitting 100+ degrees F., so it’s time to operate mobile and head to the mountains. I made some updates to my truck and I’ll have videos...


Operating RS-BA1 Remote Icom 7610 from Camper

This is what I got it for, RS-BA1 Remote Software, so I could operate my home station from the camper when I wanted to. This is working out very well and I have not had any issues with it shutting...

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The Road Home From QuartzFest

Wow it’s been a long week on the road. I am driving a Hummer H3 and pulling my 22 foot travel trailer. The weather has been very good most of the way, but I only travel 100 to 150 miles...


Alpha MOTO Mobile Antenna

I purchased my Alpha MOTO off of E-bay back in January of this year. It appealed to me because it was advertised as a 6 – 40 Meter mobile antenna. It requires an antenna tuner which I have for my...

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