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How To Set Up A New Computer With Ham Radio Deluxe!

How To Set Up A New Computer With Ham Radio Deluxe? Easy, follow me! Below are the general steps: 1. Requirements: – Verify that your computer meets the minimum system requirements for HRD. – Ensure you have your radio properly...


End To Amateur Radio As We Know It?

Will this petition before the FCC bring an end to amateur radio as we know it?  I am an avid listener of Jim, W6LG and his YouTube channel and that’s where I got the heads up from. There is a...

alien r10 5

The Alien and Latest Ham Radio Deluxe Installed

I recently purchased a 2021 Dell Alienware R10 with a Ryzen 9 3900xt CPU for my home QTH and I have the latest Ham Radio Deluxe installed on it already. My previous Hewlett Packard (HP) i5 SFF desktop served me...

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Radio Showdown: IC-7300 vs. K3S

Comparing the audio quality and signal strength between the Icom IC-7300 and Elecraft K3S receivers can be a valuable demonstration. These aspects are crucial in determining the overall performance of a receiver. In the video below, you can observe how...

elecraft k3s rear 0

The Elecraft K3S at the Home QTH

I recently acquired an Elecraft K3S through an auction, and it’s currently at my home QTH while my Icom 7610 undergoes repairs. The LCD on the Icom 7610 needed to be replaced and was fortunately under warranty. The other problem,...


I’m back home in Pierre, South Dakota!

Upon my return to my home QTH in Pierre, SD last weekend, I was greeted with a mountain of chores that requires my urgent attention. Having spent the past several months visiting my brother and sister down in Alabama since...

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