New HF Transceivers by Yaesu and Kenwood – 2018 Hamvention Videos


I'm an Amateur Radio enthusiast. I love the hobby and experimenting with radios, antennas and software. On my YouTube channel I upload videos on the Icom 7300 and Icom 7610 along with Ham radio software programs. I hope to inspire people to try new things in Amateur Radio.

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6 years ago

Hi Rich:
I was a little surprised that Kenwood especially, but Yaesu did not show or mention anything about external monitor(s). The DVD-D connector (how old school) is there on both.
My guess is that they haven’t developed the video card hardware (maybe they both ought to give Icom a call 🤓) and/or the drivers.
One can assume that DVI (why use the odd -D connector?) and HDMI requires a license fee which they should pay and add to the price.
We will see.

Plósz György
6 years ago

Tnx info HA6ZB.

Arthur Peterson
6 years ago

Hi Rich, do you have the LG 32MA70HY-P 32-Inch Monitor and does it work with the HP 8300 Elite? I was thinking you did a video on the monitor but can’t fine it. Thanks Art (KB7FXJ)

Bill Mader, K8TE
6 years ago

“Serious’ contesters don’t need an LED to tell us what band we’re operating. We control the frequency with N1MM+ and don’t need to look at the radio. We make band changes by typing the desired frequency and mode in the Entry Window.

73, Bill, K8TE

Phil, N2MDV
5 years ago

Huh… I was expecting an announcement for an upgraded version of the TS-2000(X), like what they did the the TH-F6A HT with the new TH-D74. With the TS-2000 being sooooooooo popular, (Look at the eham TS-2000 reviews, the largest there at well over 500. Not to mention the many at the TS-2000 Yahoo Group.), looks like Kenwood wants to keep that TS-2000, B-2000 TS-2000X, gravy train running for a bit longer. Me? If they ever do upgrade a new version of the TS-2000, will they include 222MHz, 902MHz, and 1296MHz, standard? (Ha-ha… Well, I can dream, can’t I?) I do have to say, that new Icom IC-9700 VHF / UHF rig looks sweet, but again, no 222MHz. Of course…. Common! They give the Euros 70MHz, so how much harder is it to throw in 222MHz? They almost did it with the TH-F6A HT. It RX’s 222MHz all-mode, but just TX’s FM. 73!!!!!

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