KiwiSDR and WebSDR: Exploring the World of Online Radio

This morning I ran a net from my portable station in Cullman, Alabama using a combination of my transceiver for transmitting and KiwiSDR and WebSDR for receiving. My portable station is an Icom 7300 running into a G5RV antenna up 30 feet in a tree. Using the Arborist throw line I had no problem getting it up in the tree. You can catch the Breakfast Club Net every morning from 0900 UTC to 1300 UTC on 3.973 MHz.

I am net control on Thursdays 1100 UTC and Saturdays 1000 UTC.

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Software-Defined Radios (SDRs) have revolutionized the way ham radio operators operate. KiwiSDR and WebSDR are two popular platforms that allow users to explore radio frequencies using just a web browser. In this blog post, we'll dive into the world of KiwiSDR and WebSDR, discussing their features, benefits, and the exciting possibilities they offer.

KiwiSDR: Unleashing Radio Power Remotely KiwiSDR, created by John Seamons, is an SDR platform that lets you remotely access SDR receivers. With its web-based interface, you can control the receiver from anywhere, using any device with a web browser. It's user-friendly and accessible to all.

WebSDR: Gateway to the Spectrum WebSDR, developed by Pieter-Tjerk de Boer, is a network of online SDR receivers. It allows you to tune into various frequencies and bands using your web browser. These receivers are located worldwide, providing access to different regions and frequencies. WebSDR makes radio exploration simple and affordable.

Both have excellent and easy to use interfaces.

Features and Benefits:

  1. Wide Frequency Coverage: KiwiSDR and WebSDR encompass a broad range of frequencies, including HF, VHF, UHF, and beyond. This versatility allows users to explore different communication modes, amateur radio bands, and more.
  2. Accessibility: These platforms offer effortless accessibility, as they solely require a web browser. No complex installations or configurations are necessary. Simply launch your browser, and you're ready to embark on your exploration.
  3. Multi-User Capability: KiwiSDR and WebSDR accommodate multiple users concurrently, fostering collaboration among radio enthusiasts.
  4. Spectrum Visualization: Real-time spectrum visualization is a remarkable feature provided by both platforms. Users can visually analyze and identify different radio signals.

Applications and Possibilities:

  1. Amateur Radio: KiwiSDR and WebSDR empower amateur radio operators to experiment with various modes, explore different bands, and enhance their understanding of radio propagation.
  2. Signal Identification: These platforms let you listen to and identify various signals present in the radio spectrum. It's a great way to improve your signal detection and even decoding skills.
  3. Education and Learning: KiwiSDR and WebSDR serve as valuable resources for students, educators, and researchers interested in radio communication. They offer hands-on learning experiences and enable the study of propagation phenomena.

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This morning I used my Icom 7300 for transmitting and the SDR's for receiving. I was able to use a receiver in Georgia and one in Missouri this morning giving me excellent coverage of the Hams checking in.

KiwiSDR and WebSDR have made radio accessible and user-friendly. Whether you're an amateur radio operator, a curious hobbyist, or someone eager to learn about radio communication, these platforms provide an exciting gateway to the world of online radio exploration. So grab your headphones, open your browser, and embark on a thrilling journey of discovery with KiwiSDR and WebSDR. The spectrum awaits!

Sources and Links:


UtahSDR - Ones I use frequently


KiwiSDR Map

Georgia SDR EM84an - I use frequently while in Alabama.

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I'm an Amateur Radio enthusiast. I love the hobby and experimenting with radios, antennas and software. On my YouTube channel I upload videos on the Icom 7300 and Icom 7610 along with Ham radio software programs. I hope to inspire people to try new things in Amateur Radio.

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