HRD Alert Alternative Using GridTracker Alerts

Ham Radio Deluxe has a new feature called HRD Alert which is similar to what you would get with GridTracker or JT Alert. I was confused at first, but I have a handle on it now. Since I tried to implement it in Ham Radio Deluxe, I realized I would have to pay a support fee again to get this feature. So here’s the alternative: I will be using and GridTracker will handle logging into HRD Logbook for me. No QSO Forwarding, just HRD, WSJT-X and GridTracker!

GridTracker Alert can be used with many logging programs. See my previous post : Ham Radio Deluxe HRD QSO Forwarding Alternative

I use GridTracker instead of JTAlert because I like the interactive map in GridTracker (GT).

HRD Alert

From the HRD website:

HRD Alert was introduced as a Feature in May 2022. HRD Alert is permanently available to all customers whose Software Maintenance and Support expiration date falls after the release date. For those who are familiar with the DX Cluster feature in HRD Logbook, you will find this is a comfortable and familiar look. It was designed to use the same “look & feel.”

Again, I won’t be able to use this because I haven’t extended (paid) my maintenance and support for HRD.

HRD Alert Alternative – GridTracker (GT) Alert

I’ve used many ham radio software programs and GridTracker is one of my favorites. Recently I have been using GridTracker (GT) with audio alerts. See my previous post on Ham Radio Deluxe HRD QSO Forwarding Alternative

The Alert in GridTracker is very easy to setup. I like looking for new & unconfirmed DXCC and new callsigns. I also like entering my friends callsigns so I get an alert when they are operating. See the photo and video below.



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