Digital Master 780 (DM780) Radio Control Macros

Digital Master 780 (DM780) radio control macros are an easy way to switch the transceiver over to settings for digital operation. Turn off NB, NR, AN and AGC with one click of the mouse. I've been using this and it's a breeze. It works with all radios supported by Ham Radio Deluxe. You'll love this if you use DM780.

See my previous articles on receiver and transmitter settings for digital operation using the Icom 7300.

dm780 radio control macro

DM780 Macros

Not only does DM780 have macros for sending text for digital modes, but it has the ability to setup macros for radio control. Turn on and off multiple radio options simultaneously with the click of the mouse.

With the Icom 7300 and Icom 7610 I do not use NR, NB or AN when receiving PSK31. So if I have been in USB or LSB (phone) modes with those options turned on and want to quickly switch over to my digital settings I have been doing it manually. Using the front of the radio.

However, DM780 has a great solution, the radio control macro. One click and I am there.

dm780 radio control macro cw

CW Radio Control Macro

Digital Modes Radio Control Macro


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Next up DM780 and CW.

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Ham Radio Deluxe DM780 Wiki

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Lynn DeHart
5 years ago

Very good instruction on HRD Macros Tnx Lynn

5 years ago

Hi Rich

FT8 ?

73 Heinz

5 years ago

Excellent video Rich. Thank you

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