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Icom 7300 Receiver Settings For Digital Operation

I had a conversation with a friend recently and while talking about the Icom 7300, HRD and DM780 I realized that I haven’t made a good article covering basic receiver settings for digital modes. The settings under “Connectors” have been...


Icom 7610 High Resolution Images And Video

Out this week. The UK site has posted some Icom 7610 high resolution images. This is the best look I’ve seen of the rear.  If you haven’t heard, Icom will be coming out with the IC -7610, the big brother...


DXSpider Raspberry Pi 3 Configuring Partner Links

Now that we have our DXSpider Raspberry Pi 3 running; the ./cluster.pl launched and we are able to bring up the console, we need to make some partner links. See my previous post, Raspberry Pi 3 DXSpider installation. But first,...

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