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Unusual VarAC Contacts Method Using Beacons

Hey guys, I’ve been busy on another project, but have been able to keep up on my VarAC activity. Last weekend there was a RTTY contest and it made operating very challenging. While operating VarAC I discovered some things, see...

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Stop Doing FT8 And Try This!

VarAC is a relatively new program for digital communications and I just upgraded to the latest version that has some nice new improvements. The latest VarAC update is officially here, and let me tell you, it’s a game-changer. Why you...

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Joplin Hamfest – Joplin Amateur Radio Club

Joplin’s Annual Hamfest – Joplin Missouri “Connecting Amateur Radio Enthusiasts at the Joplin Hamfest!” Introduction The Joplin Hamfest is an annual event hosted by the Joplin Amateur Radio Club. It is a great opportunity for amateur radio enthusiasts to come...

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Getting Back To PSK31 in DM780 and Other Digital Modes

How to Get Started with PSK31 and Other Digital Modes in DM780 Are you interested in getting started with PSK31 and other digital modes? If so, you’ve come to the right place! DM780 is a great software program that makes...


Setting Up The Radio Panes in Ham Radio Deluxe

I am well on my way so to have HRD all setup on my new computer. Just a few more things to tidy it up a bit. Have you been using the radio panes in Ham Radio Deluxe Logbook and...

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Preserving the Traditions and Benefits of Ham Radio

Amateur radio, commonly known as ham radio, has played a significant role in our society for more than a century. It has sparked innovation, offered crucial communication services during times of emergency, and connected radio enthusiasts worldwide. Although there are...

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